Stone the Crows

Late last year we had seen an advertisement for a Grey Nomad rally in Wagga Wagga. Neither of us had been to a Motorhome rally before and this seemed a good opportunity to have a new experience.

Just before Easter we headed up the Hume Highway. Destination Wagga Wagga in New South Wales. Wagga Wagga loosely means ‘home of the crows’. Just remember that fact for later.

It is possible to drive this in one day but we took our time. Tuesday night we spent on the banks of the Murray River at Police Paddocks, about fifteen kilometres from Rutherglen.

This was a great spot to camp. It was just a pity that I drove a little to fast from the bitumen onto the corrugated dirt road. Shook the crap out of the van and Linda’s bed just about hit the floor. No damage, we just need to rearrange things back.

The following night we arrived in Wagga Wagga. There is a great free camp just outside the city. We were no due to arrive at the festival site until Thursday morning, so we used the afternoon to do some grocery shopping in town.

The Australian slang “stone the crows” is an expression of surprise. Well “stone the crows” there were more Motorhomes, Caravans and Fifth-wheelers than we had ever seen in one place. Remember that Wagga Wagga also means home of the crows and you can appreciate that the Festival was well named.


This festival was different from other rallies we had see advertised. This was designed as a celebration for all Grey Nomads no matter what form of transport. The most important thing is that we all enjoy our travels in this wonderful country.

For the inaugural festival, this was just fantastic. Every night there was top class entertainment. 2013 Australian Country Music Roll of Renown inductee Wayne Horsbrugh, entertained us for over an hour on Saturday night. The first half of the program features Jim Haynes , Grant Luhrs and a fantastic fifteen year old singer form far North Queensland – Katelyn O’Donoghue. The bush poetry was performed by Peter Mace and the limping poet Neil Smith. The laughs kept coming. Aussie bush poetry at its best.

The talent quest was something to behold. Usually you would expect to cringe at the odd act, but every one was fantastic ,we did not envy the judges one little bit.

The days were filled with seminars and pétanque and disc bowls competitions. There was also the interesting game of ladder golf. You are given two golf balls joined together by a piece of rope. The aim is to throw this unit so that it loops around the rungs of what looks like a short ladder.

The final night was fantastic, winners of the various sports were rewarded with GreyVee awards and the winners of the talent quest once again showed off their talent.

All in all we had a great time, we met new friends and learnt much from those you had been on the road for longer than us.

Will we do it again. Absolutely. We have already pencilled in next Easter for the next Stone the Crows Festival at Wagga Wagga







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  1. Hi Hans/Linda
    Nice to see you are still enjoying your motorhoming – ours has been delayed by medical issues but hope to be on the road by the end of this year – look out for our new winnebago towing a red Rav4! Hope to catch up somewhere.
    geof/marie bagley

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