What do you do?

How many times have you been asked this question?

Since retiring and especially now that we are travelling the countryside without any real plans I find the question being asked quite regularly by friends that are still working.

Usually I answer  with comments such as reading or fishing, riding my bike (although that has been rather irregular) or just sightseeing. But recently I decided that my photography could use some improvement.

I find that once people start to discuss aperture,shutter speed and depth of field my eyes glaze over and I tune out. Well not any more! I discovered the wonderful world of MOOCs. You might ask ” What is a MOOC?” or just do what everybody does these days  – ask Google.

But for those still reading this a MOOC is a Massive Open Online Course. In other words an online course of study open to everybody. Many courses are offered through well known education institutes. There are no formal qualifications offered but you can receive certificates of achievement or better still end up with knowledge that you did not previously have.

Getting back to the point, I found a 4 week course developed through RMIT University titled “The Art of Photography”.  The course work is not too onerous but the videos and additional  reading are worthwhile.


There are endless possibilities. I found a couple that are of interest to means intend to pursue a couple over the next few months.

So now if anybody asks, I can add studying a MOOC.