A Worthwhile Way to Spend Some Time

On Christmas day 2014 a fire that had previously been contained flared up at Creightons Creek about 10 kilometres from the town of Euroa

Location of Creightons Creek, Victoria
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As chance would have it, we were looking for somewhere to stay for a few weeks before pet sitting for our daughter and our annual sojourn to Bright. I had been looking at the BlazeAid web pages and noted that a camp was about to open at Longwood, not too far from the recent fires at Ruffy and Creightons Creek. We immediately contracted the Camp Coordinator and made the necessary arrangements.

BlazeAid was born out of the 2009 Black Saturday fires when there was a need to quickly rebuild fences. Kilmore East farmers, Kevin and Rhonda Butler, were among those whose fences were burnt. Needing to quickly secure their 1,500 sheep, they sought assistance from family, friends and local volunteers to help rebuild their fences.Within a week, the fences were completed – a task that would have taken them months to do on their own. Grateful for the assistance they received, Rhonda and Kevin decided to try to help a few others with their fencing.

Thus, BlazeAid was born.

We had worked with BlazeAid up in Queensland last year. We spent a month on Cannington Station. This was different, we would be at a central camp with other volunteers. Being just after Christmas, we were the first volunteers at Longwood, several others arrived in the days following. The first team went out to clear fences on a property at Creightons Creek on 30 December. The temperatures in those early days were in the high 30Cs, but all in all over the next week we took out the burnt boundary fences and one of the internal fences. The terrain was described as undulating. There was certainly variety.

The reward for doing this was priceless. The property owners could not thank us enough. The hugs as we departed were emotional. I am really a softy and tears rolled down my face unashamedly. It felt good to have helped.


Linda and Maurie Rolling up a fence

Linda and Maurie Rolling up a fence


It’s not flat around here , is it?



The team enjoying country hospitality




Persons at Work