Stone the Crows – Thursday April 2, 2015

We survived the first full day at the festival.

I had an early start at the Morning Show where Jim Haynes, Grant Luhrs and the O’Donoghue family (Katelyn, Liam and Kasey) started the morning off with Aussie Humour, Verse and song. They were ably supported by Irvine. We saw Vinnie as he is now known at the first Stone the Crows, reciting his own brand of bush poetry. His verse about the Check up is extremely funny, and brings tears to your eyes, especially if you are a male.

Then there were seminars, and information sessions. We chose to learn a bit more about diabetes and blood sugar levels. This was followed by a talk on Family History. Not how to trace a family tree but what we can do now to help our great grandchildren create stories about our time now. The interesting thing to note was that records need to be kept in a media that will last the test of time. Paper has been around for thousands of years and is still the most reliable way to preserve history. Of course you need to store it properly.

The afternoon was taken up by catching up on some  reading , but there was a good session talking about Preprogrammed digital camera settings.

Has the day finished yet. This retirement is getting tiring. No there was the evening entertainment. This variety concert showcased Jim, Grant and Katelyn  but the absolute stand out was Jamie Way as  The Great Pizzarotti. Jamie had entertained us yesterday and agreed to come back tonight.   Just think this guy sang Elvis and other rock songs yesterday and tonight opera ( with a touch of comedy). When it was announced that the full Great Pizzarotti  show will be included in next years festival the assembled flock cheered and clapped wildly.

Jamie was greeted with a standing ovation at the end of his segment. Here is a YouTube video of this talented performer.



A good night’s sleep and we will be ready for another day. At this rate we will need a holiday to recover.