The BIG………

In Australia there are many icons which purport to be The Big…. These are usually representative of something that the particular town or area is known for. Just as an example there is the Big Banana at Coffs Harbour.
So we will make it part of our travel plans to seek these icons out and publish our photos and comments here.

Swan Hill – The  Giant Murray Cod18/4/2013


Maccullochella Peeli

The wise old man of the river continues to be endeared in the hearts of every Australian. Full enshrined by Aboriginal folklore, he is truly an AUstralian enigma of our ancient river system. Whilst not as plentiful as in the early days of European settlement, he is still caught in good numbers by those who can match his cunning and knowledge of the river. Catches of 180lb ( 81kg) were not uncommon and today an occasional large example is landed in the Swan Hill area. Conscious of a threat to his existence conservation bodies are today breeding Murray Cod and introducing them in too Victorian and New South Wales waters.(from the information board in Swan Hill)


Bowen – The Big Mango15/11/2012



This 10 metre high roadside sculpture was erected in 2001 and was part of a successful community campaign to revitalise the local community and boost tourism.

The giant fruit is painted in the colour of the Kensington Pride mango that was introduced to Bowen from India in 1871.



Cardwell – The Big Crab31/10/2012

Cardwell is a gateway to Hinchinbrook Island, our largest island National Park.
The popular pastime is fishing and one of the most common catches in the area is mud crab.
The Big Crab sits outside a restaurant of the same name.


Mission Beach – The Big Cassowary30/10/2012

Like many small towns Mission Beach has built a monument to its most famous character. The big cassowary, standing 5 metres tall can be found outside the Wongaling shopping centre.

This large flightless bird can be found in the rainforest in the surrounding area, although you need to be lucky to catch sight of one.

The cassowary is the third tallest and second heaviest living bird behind the ostrich and the emu.



Cairns – The Big Marlin23/10/2012


Cairns north to the reefs around beautiful Lizard Island has long been recognised as the Black Marlin Capital of the World. This Big Marlin can be found in front of the Stockland Shopping Centre in Cairns.

The Black Marlin of the Pacific Ocean migrate to this 240km/150 mile section of the Great Barrier Reef annually to spawn. Beginning with the arrival of the first fish in early September, the marlin season extends through until late December.


Georgetown -Far North Queensland – The Big Agate 19/9/2012

The Big Agate

The Big Agate measures 109cm x 30cm x 50cm. Agates are normally cut into two halves but this one had two 15mm slices taken off the top and polished along with the base piece. The cutting and polishing was carried out in the Terazo Works in Cairns.
It is the largest cut and polished agate in Australia and possibly the world. This agate is affectionately nicknamed the “Lee Marvin” Agate after the late actor of the same name who offered $US5000 for the specimen in 1976.

NORMANTON – The Big Croc4/9/2012

Krys the Croc – The Savannah King

Crocodiles are prevalent in the area and a replica of the largest one ever shot (and recorded) is located next to the Shire Council office. This replica, modelled on the crocodiles measurements of 8.63m, with a girth of 4m and an estimated weight of 2 tonnes is one large croc. Shot in 1957, it is named after Krystina Pawlowski, a famous female crocodile hunter of the Gulf region who shot this estuarine croc.

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